Wendy Brandes Jewelry

Wendy Brandes Jewelry is a luxury design brand that specializes in one-of-a-kind and limited-edition jewelry. Based in New York City, the designer toes the line between fine art and bespoke trinkets, always infusing fun, whit, and often moving parts into her work.

Wendy Brandes Concierge Service

As the Brand Manager, I created an innovative way to bring in new brick-and-mortar retail partners. The service was sold as a way to introduce high-end clients to one-of-a-kind and limited-edition pieces that the retailers do not usually carry, which introduced a sense of intrigue and special access for VIP clientele. The service was debuted at the high-end Couture Jewelry Show and introduced to buyers all over the country. It was launched successfully in six brick-and-mortar stores across the United States (up from 0 wholesale partners for the gold collection prior to service launch).

Print Catalog in Large Magazine Format (created in collaboration)

The Challenge

Challenge 1: Find a way to work with brick-and-mortar retailers with a limited product inventory and a niche aesthetic

Challenge 2: Many items are one-of-a-kind or limited-edition, with unique and sometimes lengthy inspiration


Challenge 3: Ensure that brick-and-mortar retailers are capable of sharing special elements of each product

The Solution

Solution 1: Conceptualize and bring to market unique selling capability that relies on luxury in-store customer service and access to niche product

Solution 2: Ensure retail partners could intrigue customers with conveying artist/designer's unique inspiration

Solution 3: Ensure retail partners did not miss unique technical selling points, such as stone weight and gold type

The Result

Result 1: Art direct, conceptualize selling process, and write explainer copy for high-end print catalog with brand story and new collection groupings

Result 2: Design and write "romance" copy per product with inspiration behind the design

Result 3: Create keepsake moment with technical information per product

Social Media Strategy & Feed

Tri-Fold Product "Romance" Cards

Individually Signed by the Artist

Designed to be a keepsake that fits in jewelry box


Pitch Deck: B2B

Create a pitch deck to give brand overview for potential wholesale accounts. Below is an example of a successful pitch for a high-end brick-and-mortar retailer that resulted in an in-person meeting and the retailer carrying a capsule selection of our inventory for a limited period of time.