Billy Reid

Billy Reid is a modern design atelier based in Florence, Alabama. As their Senior Designer, I created on-brand visuals that incorporated a 20-year history of luxury product design. Challenges within the company include a lack of existing content library or collaborative tools. The result has been a streamlined and cohesive presence across their E-Commerce website, digital marketing, and print materials.

Print Marketing Materials

The goal with all printed materials is to maintain our luxury brand positioning. I have worked on print ads for various magazines, invitatations for in-store events, converting marketing campaigns into print assets for in-store marketing, and created a wide set of collateral for

Billy Reid's yearly fashion, music, art, and food festival, Shindig.

The Challenge

Challenge 1: Work from various designers resulted in an inconsistent visual language across print and digital marketing materials.

Challenge 2: Accessing past season work was a challenge because there was no standardized method for saving past work or measuring its success

The Solution

Solution 1: Carry updated visual language from web redesign across print marketing materials 

Solution 2: Create new method for storing all materials so that they can be easily be accessed by all teams (including visual/retail teams who often need things printed for their locations)

The Result

Result 1: More cohesive design language launched Fall 2020, following web redesign in Spring 2020

Result 2: All teams can access accurate versions of marketing materials (powered by Google Drive)

Result 3: Increased confidence & investment in print ad opportunities

Print Ads | Magazine

The Challenge

Challenge 1: Full product roll out of souvenirs and advertisements of the internally-headed music, art, & food festival known as "Shindig"

Challenge 2: Work from past events was done by a myriad of designers and was visually disparate and not easily accessible

The Solution

Solution 1: Visual language was created and maintained across all collateral

Solution 2: New method for organizing all collateral was created for future use

The Result

Result 1: New collateral was purchased and delivered on a faster deadline than in past years

Result 2: Cross-department collaboration is smoother and preparation for future events is more smooth

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