Wendy Brandes Jewelry

Wendy Brandes Jewelry is a luxury design brand that specializes in one-of-a-kind and limited-edition jewelry. Based in New York City, the designer toes the line between fine art and bespoke trinkets, always infusing fun, whit, and often moving parts into her work.

E-Commerce Website

Competitor research was conducted of other high-end e-commerce retailers, as well as competing jewelry designers to determine what interactions are considered "essential" what the brand needs from a storytelling perspective to differentiate it from other high-end wares.

The Challenge

Challenge 1: Due to the high cost of creating samples, the designer would create one for inventory, with the option to custom order the desired piece in another size. This presented challenges for the interactions for a product detail page for an in-stock item vs. an out-of-stock, but available-to-order item

Challenge 2: The e-commerce site was built on Magento, which was far too cumbersome without a full-time developer on staff and with the aforementioned inventory fluctuations

Challenge 3: Many competing brands and retailers offer extensive filtering options, which did not fit Brandes's collection, which incorporated three distinct price "buckets" (low/medium/high)

The Solution

Solution 1: Worked with a team of two developers to create differentiated PDP pages that can be assigned on the site's backend

Solution 2: Transition from Magento to Shopify and assign product definitions to all existing inventory so that it can be sorted according to availability

Solution 3: Create a simplified filtering option that works within each price tier

The Team

Hands On Team

1 Designer

2 Developers

Supporting Team



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