Billy Reid

Billy Reid is a modern design atelier based in Florence, Alabama. As their Senior Designer, I created on-brand visuals that incorporated a 20-year history of luxury product design. Challenges within the company include a lack of existing content library or collaborative tools. The result has been a streamlined and cohesive presence across their E-Commerce website, digital marketing, and print materials.

E-Commerce Website

Design trends and competitor research were combined in the redesign of Billy Reid's e-commerce website. As the Senior (and only!) Designer, I created an updated and modern design guide. This refresh was desperately needed, as the brand had outsourced work from different designers and therefore lacked a cohesive image across the site. The site was finished with a team of developers and with myself as the sole designer, working closely with the Chief Marketing Officer on developing a design direction. A key achievement was creating a process of sharing stories from the designer, while maintaining luxury brand appeal.

The Challenge

Challenge 1: The existing website combined the work of different designers and outside firms without the use of a style guide. This resulted in disjointed work and a lack of brand voice.

Challenge 2: The e-commerce team is small and is managed by the same team that executes a full marketing calendar. Billy Reid was on a Magento web platform that was too bulky and difficult to update without a

full-time developer on staff.

The Solution

Solution 1: Create a design guide that incorporated competitive research and integrated work from previous seasons.

Solution 2: Work directly with developers to transition from Magento to Shopify and create variable sections on the site's backend that would make weekly site updates by a small team more manageable.

The Team

Hands On Team

1 Designer

3 Developers

1 Site Content Manager

Supporting Team

Chief Marketing Officer

Head of Logistics

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