Wendy Brandes Jewelry

Wendy Brandes Jewelry is a luxury design brand that specializes in one-of-a-kind and limited-edition jewelry. Based in New York City, the designer toes the line between fine art and bespoke trinkets, always infusing fun, whit, and often moving parts into her work.

Digital Marketing Materials

As the Brand Manager, I created an updated visual language that is edgy and unique, while maintaining a luxurious intrigue. This was carried across all channels -- email campaigns (Direct to Customer + Business to Business), social media, and ads.

The Challenge

Challenge 1: No content library existed, but we needed to update our channels regularly

Challenge 2: Inventory investment was highly expensive, so we needed a way to recycle product into new stories to get in front of customers, wholesale accounts, & journalists

Challenge 3: Balancing high-end art appeal with accessibility of standard selling/consumer mentality

The Solution

Solution 1: Build this content into an online library for team access so updates could be scheduled

Solution 2: Create content calendar to highlight pieces that could be reused for trending moments

Solution 3: Developed a voice of intrigue, with copy written with a more approachable, collector's tone

The Result

Result 1: Access to all content was easy to find and share with new team members or wholesale accounts via Dropbox

Result 2: Regular outreach was achieved across DTC and BTB email campaigns, as well as social channels

Result 3: Increase in sales and interactions from potential wholesale and customers via social media and email campaigns

Social Media Strategy & Feed

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Email & Homepage Banner Content


Wholesale Platform: 1stdibs

I worked with the team at 1stdibs to provide product feedback as a seller on their platform. We met regularly with ways to improve the user experience for both the customer and the seller. Wendy Brandes's luxury brand vision and edgy intrigue were both conveyed in the final result. Working with 1stdibs gave us a great opportunity to get in front of buyers who cherish unique pieces and a selling space with higher SEO.


Storefront / Seller Page