Billy Reid

Billy Reid is a modern design atelier based in Florence, Alabama. As their Senior Designer, I created on-brand visuals that incorporated a 20-year history of luxury product design. Challenges within the company include a lack of existing content library or collaborative tools. The result has been a streamlined and cohesive presence across their E-Commerce website, digital marketing, and print materials.

Digital Marketing Materials

As the Senior Designer, I created an updated visual language that is clean, modern, and mobile-responsive. The result has been a streamlined and cohesive presence across all digital channels.

The Challenge

Challenge 1: No content library with established brand voice

Challenge 2: Marketing campaigns had no established content calendar or methodology for content creation

Challenge 3: The existing platform (Mailchimp) lacked mobile design tools

Challenge 4: Team lacked collaborative software tools, often relying on clunky communication methods such as email or face-to-face meetings, which left a lot of room for error

The Solution

Solution 1: Create content library and standardized methods naming/saving conventions across department

Solution 2: Work with project manager and CMO to establish content calendar based on product feedback from merchandising, production, & design departments

Solution 3: Transition to Klaviyo to provide opportunity for A/B testing for quantity, type, & timing of outreach

Solution 4: Integrate collaborative software across departments for real-time input on marketing output

The Result

Result 1: Department relies on established organizational methods and can easily access each other's work on Google Drive (chosen based on IT Department's preference)

Result 2: Four campaigns are built during a full-price selling season and products are featured based on inventory availability

Result 3: Preferred times have been established for a list of engaged customers, as well as a plan of outreach for unengaged list members

Result 4: The full team has adopted primary use of Trello as our collaborative software and most marketing materials are created further in advance than when I began (1 week to 1 month out to account for inventory levels)


H20 Email Campaign | Desktop

H20 Journal | Created in Interactive Digital Format & Print


SS21 Women's Capsule Journal | Created in Interactive Digital Format & Print

Spring / Summer 2021 Campaign Launch


CRM Automated Emails

I am in the process of revamping our customer relationship management tools, including our automated email campaigns that are generated at different steps of the customer's journey.
My goal is to bring the warmth of Billy Reid to the customer and provide more insight into how we design, our quality guarantee, and our unique placement at the intersection of craft, music, and art.

The Challenge

Challenge 1: this level of automated customer outreach has not been prioritized after set up

Challenge 2: user data has not been incorporated into the design process by existing leadership

Challenge 3: as a single person team, redesigning and building new Flows takes cross-collaboration between departments and generating new ideas following current industry trends

The Solution

Solution 1: own the redesign process myself, including building a case study around the subject

Solution 2: dig into customer user data to see how our customers are engaging with navigation, call to action buttons, and imagery

Solution 3: identify key stakeholders for asset delivery

The Result

In Progress: I am building out existing customer journey for our Welcome Series, which is an incentive-driven group of emails that introduce customers to our brand. 

At this stage, key stakeholders have been identified and I have posed questions to leadership to identify a direction that more fully encapsulates what our brand is about. 

This update is time-consuming and will be launched intermittently through Spring 2021.