Billy Reid

Billy Reid is a modern design atelier based in Florence, Alabama. As their Senior Designer, I created on-brand visuals that incorporated a 20-year history of luxury product design. Challenges within the company include a lack of existing content library or collaborative tools. The result has been a streamlined and cohesive presence across their E-Commerce website, digital marketing, and print materials.

Digital Marketing Materials

As the Senior Designer, I created an updated visual language that is clean, modern, and mobile-responsive. The result has been a streamlined and cohesive presence across all digital channels.

The Challenge

Challenge 1: No content library with established brand voice

Challenge 2: Marketing campaigns had no established content calendar or methodology for content creation

Challenge 3: The existing platform (Mailchimp) lacked mobile design tools

Challenge 4: Team lacked collaborative software tools, often relying on clunky communication methods such as email or face-to-face meetings, which left a lot of room for error

The Solution

Solution 1: Create content library and standardized methods naming/saving conventions across department

Solution 2: Work with project manager and CMO to establish content calendar based on product feedback from merchandising, production, & design departments

Solution 3: Transition to Klaviyo to provide opportunity for A/B testing for quantity, type, & timing of outreach

Solution 4: Integrate collaborative software across departments for real-time input on marketing output

The Result

Result 1: Department relies on established organizational methods and can easily access each other's work on Google Drive (chosen based on IT Department's preference)

Result 2: Four campaigns are built during a full-price selling season and products are featured based on inventory availability

Result 3: Preferred times have been established for a list of engaged customers, as well as a plan of outreach for unengaged list members

Result 4: The full team has adopted primary use of Trello as our collaborative software and most marketing materials are created further in advance than when I began (2 weeks to 1 month out to account for inventory levels)

H20 Email Campaign | Desktop

H20 Journal | Created in Interactive Digital Format & Print

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